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Concrete Canoe

​Concrete Canoe develops the hull design of the canoe and tests different concrete mixes that will be used to construct a light and strong canoe with improved dynamics. This project allows members to use their creativity to design and implement a theme that reflects the effort of the team to be integrated on the canoe’s aesthetics, design report, and display board. The Concrete Canoe team also conditions and prepares members for the canoe races; this allows the members not only to focus on their physical condition but also work and coordinate in a team for the successful completion of the race.  ASCE Student Organizations have been involved in constructing and racing concrete canoes on the local and conference level since the early 1970’s. The first National Competition came to fruition in the summer of 1988 after almost two years of discussion between representatives from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Master Builders, Inc.

The objectives of the National Competition are as follows:


To provide civil engineering students an opportunity to gain hands-on, practical experience and leadership skills by working with concrete mix designs and project management.

To increase awareness of the value and benefits of ASCE membership among civil engineering students and faculty in order to foster lifelong membership and participation in the Society.

To build awareness of the versatility and durability of concrete as a construction material among civil engineering students, educators and practitioners, as well as the general public.

To build awareness of concrete technology and application among civil engineering students, educators and practitioners, as well as the general concrete industry.

To increase awareness among industry leaders, opinion makers and the general public of civil engineering as a dynamic and innovative profession essential to society.

To generate and increase awareness of ASCE’s and national sponsors’ commitment to civil engineering education among civil engineering students, educators and practitioners, as well as the general public.

While the intent of the competition is to learn and to create a forum for interaction both technically and socially, the students are a short step from being practicing engineers involved in projects that are critical to society’s welfare. Hence, we shall expect professional conduct from all participants. In order to preserve the quality of this competition and to improve the quality of future competitions, we shall demand high standards, which shall be enforced under the Section “Spirit of the Competition.”

The rules are divided into  sections plus several appendices; please review each section thoroughly.


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